Our COVID-19 guidelines

• BOOKINGS ONLY – if you haven’t booked, then regrettably you must leave.
• DO NOT ENTER IF – you have any signs of Corona Virus or feel unwell.
• ONLY STAND – In the waiting area marked on the floor until instructed otherwise
• YOU MUST – sanitise your hands as soon as you enter.
• BE MINDFUL – of high contact areas, we have marked them with a RED DOT.

Upon arrival

Please familiarise yourself with these instructions and the map prior to entering

Once seated

You will have instructions on your table, please familiarise yourself with the instructions

FUN – Before you read on, we fully appreciate that this might feel a bit daunting (it does for us) but once you get the hang of it, it’s all pretty simple and mostly common sense. So please don’t get caught up too much in the rules – remember you’re here to have a great time, have some great food, good conversation and to enjoy yourself and relax. Behind safety, that’s our number one priority.

TOILET – Our toilet is situated on the FIRST FLOOR, turn left as you get to the top of the stairs – Follow the process in place.

ORDERS – Menus and order sheets are on your table, please can you nominate someone (ideally with the best handwriting) to complete the order form. We have numbered all the courses to make it easier – we will come to you to collect.

SERVICE – We are trying to minimise communication as much as practical, but this doesn’t mean you can’t ask us questions – we are here to help.

DRINKS – Disposable drinks menus are on your table, there are also several order sheets – please fill out the sheet if you’d like to order and we will collect the sheet and shortly deliver your drinks.

RED DOTS – You will see random red dots situated all round the restaurant, these dots represent high risk contact areas. Please avoid, when safe to do so, contact.
NOTE: These are areas that are cleaned frequently.

CHILDREN – Must not be allowed to wonder the restaurant & must not be left alone.

TABLES – Please support the waiting staff with plates, glasses, cutlery, etc by making it easy to remove, ideally if you can put anything that is finished at the end of the table / in one easy access area on the table – We don’t want to be at your table for anymore than a few moments at a time.

BAR – This area is currently out of bounds, please do not stand or loiter here.

PAYMENT – Please only pay at the table and preferably with card / contactless.

Our Covid-19 mission statement

For a customer with Corona Virus (obviously unbeknown to them or us) to:
enter the restaurant, dine with us, drink, use the water closet, pay & leave and there be NO risk of passing on any infection!

A note from the owner

First of all, let me say a massive thank you for dining here and supporting us in this unprecedented time.

Your support branches way further than just this restaurant, we have a network of local suppliers and so by supporting us you are in turn supporting them, some really good people, so thank you from all of us and for keeping us in business.

We have reviewed government guidelines, undertaken risk assessments and have had multiple team meetings and discussions. As a result of the steps we have taken we believe that are now exceptional in controlling the virus within the restaurant and keeping you safe.

For us to have achieved this though, there has had to be some changes and so we hope that you will join us in supporting and embracing these changes and supporting the processes we have put in place.

Please remember, that this is not just about you, this is about our families, our friends, our friend’s families, our work colleagues and the network around all these people.

A second spike could potentially be catastrophic for this restaurant and all the people we employ, so
please do your bit, to help us do ours.

Now stop reading this, familiarise yourself with everything and then focus on having a bloody good time, you deserve it!

Rob, Lou, Jake, Rich & the team